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At Dalkey Taekwon-Do we offer a range of different classes for children, teens and adults.

ITF Children’s Development Programme:

The official children's programme for the ITF introduces children to the various elements of Taekwon-Do through games and tasks. This programme also educates children about being safe, being aware of dangers, bullying behaviour, strangers and how to react if they are in these situations. The Children's Development Programme book provides information and fun tasks to help them get ready for an assessment so that they can progress on their Taekwon-Do path. Assessment sheets are provided and submitted prior to a grading and on confirmation that a child is prepared sufficiently.

Kup Classes:

These classes cover the full syllabus for juniors, teens and adults. By following the cycle of Taekwon-Do (Fundamental Movements, Patterns, Sparring, Self Defense and conditioning/maintenance) students progress up through the different grades with new challenges at each grade. Over time you will see an improvement in flexibility, strength, accuracy and power to name but a few.

Tuesday Thursday
6pm TKD Kids (5-7 yrs) TKD Kids (5-7 yrs)
6:45pm Juniors (8-12 yrs) Juniors (8-12 yrs)
7:30-8:30pm Teens and Adults Teens and Adults


We are located in the newly built Sports hall beside Loreto Abbey